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Kendall Cotton Bronk

Associate Professor of Psychology
Claremont Graduate University

Kendall Cotton Bronk

Kendall Cotton Bronk is an Associate Professor of Psychology at the Claremont Graduate University, where she directs the Adolescent Moral Development Lab and conducts research on positive youth development and young people’s purposes in life. Her research seeks to understand what purpose looks like among diverse groups of youth, including young people from different socioeconomic backgrounds, and how parents, teachers, and mentors can help young people discover their purpose in life. As a Fulbright Fellow in 2016, she studied the role of purpose in helping young people weather the economic crisis in Greece. Her research, which has been published in numerous high-profile academic journals and featured in the Wall Street Journal and on National Public Radio, has been funded by the John Templeton Foundation, Hope Lab, the Fulbright Foundation, and the Spencer Foundation. As a mother of two, Professor Bronk considers purpose not only from the perspective of an educational researcher, but also from the perspective of a parent.

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